Don't be interrupted
The best conversations are the ones where you don't get cut out randomly because an app can't handle weak internet. With our advanced connection handling technology - Snacka! won't let you down!

Quality matters
Connect with your loved ones without worrying about call quality. Even online, interactions should feel natural. Snacka! is lightning fast and it won't let the fat pixels affect your amazing conversations.

Privacy you can trust
Everyone says “we take your security and privacy very seriously” - but do they really? At Snacka! even our employees cannot access or hack your stream. As tech professionals - this is privacy even we trust.

No bandwidth hogging
Video calls can be bandwidth hogs, especially when heavily encrypted. Snacka! uses less than half the bandwidth with no quality compromises, saving your data and the earth.

Get the app!

Now you can have secure conversations with performance you'll love 🥰

For personal use, Snacka! is free and currently available only by invitation.We're giving out new invites weekly, request yours at the link below:


Snacka! is an Estonian company (in Europe) and our products are built in alignment with European security and privacy standards. We take it even further than that.

Unlike companies who say ‘your data is secure from third parties, except employees, contractors, and a long list of exceptions’; at Snacka!, our promise to users is ‘Your data is secure. Even our employees and staff cannot hack it. No back doors. No exceptions!

We use AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption for all audio and video calls on Snacka!. That is tech-speak to say that the only people who can know what's happening on a call are the ones on the call.

Snacka! gives you high-quality video calls to connect with friends, family, and loved ones with privacy you can trust.